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Corporate Valuation Professional—
The State of the Art Valuation System

MoneySoft announces the immediate availability of a new high-end valuation system called Corporate Valuation Professional. This extremely powerful technology was designed for CPA’s, ASA’s, CFA’s and practitioners in need of senior-level valuations or appraisals for tax, litigation support, or business planning purposes.

Corporate Valuation Professional is a 32-bit application that was designed to conform to PPC’s Guide to Business Valuations authored by Shannon P. Pratt, Jay E. Fishman, J. Clifford Griffith, D. Keith Wilson and Stanton L. Meltzer, all recognized leaders in the field of business valuation. In addition, the help files and appraisal reports include materials quoted directly from the guide.

MoneySoft has entered into a licensing arrangement with Practitioners Publishing Company, a division of Thomson Financial, that will enable PPC to distribute Corporate Valuation Professional to the CPA market under its own imprint. PPC’s version of the program is called Business Valuation Specialist.

Please call our sales desk at 800-966-7797 for additional information about Corporate Valuation Professional. The retail price of the program is $595. Back to Main

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